Concerned About High Blood Pressure

New Guidelines on High Blood Pressure

New advice from the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggests that as many as 25% of patients in England and Wales may be incorrectly diagnosed with high blood pressure (BP higher than 140/90mmHg).  The guidelines suggest that more self-care can be undertaken by patients monitoring their own blood pressure at home and this has the opportunity to reduce the levels of hypertension and blood pressure for those who suffer from ‘white coat syndrome’.

Using Blood Pressure Monitor

My father-in-law has been using such a device for a number of years to keep track of his blood pressure.  If there is something untoward in his monitoring, he can advise his doctor who can either suggest a visit to the surgery or at least indicate there is nothing to cause alarm.

The blood pressure monitor is easy and safe to use, comes with complete instructions and for those who feel at risk can provide a level of comfort and reassurance.

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Blood Pressure Monitor


Avoid the trip to the doctor’s surgery and feel satisfied that you are able to do this simple blood pressure check yourself.